Americans are moving to Japan for its safety and affordability

A family of four posing for a photo in Japan.

old news para sa mga pinoy. really, a lot more filipinos should be moving to japan, but they go to the US instead

Veronica Hanson was ready to leave the US by any means necessary.

Hanson, 37, was living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, but made plans to flee the US once she believed the country became too dangerous for her and her children.

“My children had to do active shooter drills,” Hanson told Insider. “There were multiple times over a couple-year period where the air was unbreathable because of the wildfires. I just exploded and said we don’t have to stay here, let’s go.”

Hanson and her family are a few of the 6,642 Americans who moved to Japan in 2022, according to the country’s Ministry of Justice. The same source said the population of American expats in Japan grew slightly over the past few years, from 57,214 in 2020 to 60,804 in 2022.

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