Brain Shock (Places in School Memory Game)

Quick Details

  • Topic: Places in School
  • Textbook Name: Let’s Try 2
  • Unit Number: Unit 8



I usually use this memorization game either as a warm-up activity or as a time filler. You will need the places in school cards at the back of the book for this.

How to play:

  1. Instruct the students to put the places cards on their desks face up.
  2. Start the Slideshow and click on anything or press the right arrow key on the keyboard to start the game.
  3. On the next slide, again, click or press the right arrow key to make a picture appear.
  4. After the last picture, the left 10 seconds timer will automatically be activated. During this time, the students should only be memorizing the places and their order, and NOT touch the cards in their desk.
  5. When the time is up, the picture cards will automatically flip over and the right timer will start its countdown. Within 10 seconds, the students should arrange the cards in the right order.
  6. To reveal the answer, just click on the “?” picture cards.

File download

Memory Game(School Places).pptm.pptx (4.0 MB)