Buying apples


01-29-2005, 05:32 PM

A ‘genuine’ pain in the neck (,1759,1756569,00.asp): we’re talking about the Microsoft “Windows Genuine Advantage” software authentication scheme (,1759,1754966,00.asp) which requires undue burden on all Windows users. All Japanese Windows versions are apparently not yet affected though.

Hmmm, that Mac Mini is starting to look nicer and nicer every time I think about upgrading my Windows machine. Stylishly cool, less space, less noise, virtually immune to viruses, elegant and powerful UNIX OS ( and, of course, made by Apple.

(I remember that my last Mac (a Power Macintosh 6100) could execute my commands by voice-recognition alone – and this was like 8 years ago! Very cool.)

Eight years ago, before the ubiquity of the Internet, before the candy-colored iMac and the iconic iPod, before the wildly popular iTunes, things were looking pretty grim for Apple. They had nice Macs, but not much more and many people just didn’t care.

Now, when many people buy a PC less to do spreadsheets than surf the net, and the most used program is probably the net browser (for checking Yahoo Mail or chatting), Apple might actually have a another chance at greatness.


01-30-2005, 12:25 PM

I really hope that Micro$oft doesn’t limit this program to home and small business users, but should extend it to the medium/big business and government sector as well. And for that matter they should make it mandatory too. All transgressors should be fined heavily or sent to jail, which will result in less sales for Micro$oft products and help the proliferation of open source products (translated:free) and quality apple products. UP has already initiated a move toward linux, I hope other institutions follow. Gambare Philippines!

Note: Mac OSX is a UNIX based OS, so I guess you can call it and linux cousins. I started learning linux commands on mac osx terminal. Now I have Yellow Dog Linux running on dual boot in my powermac:) I’m planning to install Yellow Dog Linux on the Mac Mini as well as soon as I can get one.


01-31-2005, 07:42 PM

An intended exaggeration but Apple is more influential than God (, says the Inquirer, echoing John Lennon’s “We’re more popular than Jesus now” ( quote. Apple even beats the powerful Google ( Is it because Google’s lead in search is narrowing (

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