CEATEC 2008: Microsoft’s Booth

Microsoft’s booth in CEATEC was probably the best in presentation; it certainly was one of the most popular destinations, with a constant crowd of people coming in and going out. The fact that they were handing out questionnaires in return for a chance to win an Xbox and other knick-knacks also helped.

Microsoft’s booth with colorful lights.

Visitors looking around and trying out some stuff.

The ubiquitous Microsoft logo.

Ahh, these were what I answered the questionnaire for, Kitty-chan wearing a Windows Home Server shirt. Microsoft never looked this cute before. Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything.

Microsoft shows off its Internet Explorer and Silverlight technologies.

The Microsoft Collection

If you ever need to bring things Microsoft to a desert island. I frankly don’t know what these are. Future Microsoft product perhaps?

One more picture of Microsoft’s booth.