Contract verified without MWO standard employment contract, Addendum, tokibo tohon and valid ID of employer

Meanwhile, I will continue to share posts from this group.

NO Polo standard employment contract, Addendum, tokibo tohon and valid ID of employer BUT CONTRACT VERIFIED!!!

Current situation: Changed employer onsite and has existing records with POEA

Current Visa Status: Instructor

Visa history: Engr./Humanities/Int’l Services

Description: I work for Saitama city - Board of Education (BoE), which is a government entity. My Contract was verified despite of my employer’s non-compliance on the following:

X POLO Standard Employment Contract

X Addendum to our Contract

X Tokibo Tohon/Company Registration/Tax Certificate

X Valid Passport/ID of Company`s Representative

I uploaded the list of documents I submitted and which was personally handpicked by Ms. Winnie. Feel free to use it as your guide if you are working under BoE.


May 26-June 28

Processing time for completing the documents
(This is the crucial and very tedious part!)

June 29

Docs submitted to POLO Tokyo thru post

Docs received by POLO on the same day

July 07

Appointment with Ms. Winnie to affix my signature on the contract. So, I took this chance to speak to her and explain our situation. I tried my best to come prepared. We went through my documents together while explaining to her my supporting docs and whats the employers stance for being non-compliant.

I can share the document I drafted based on my discussion with Ms. Winnie if you also work for BoE and having difficulty in completing your docs.

July 15-18

Tried contacting POLO Tokyo to follow up but I couldn`t get through

July 19

I got through but Ms. Winnie on a meeting

July 20

I was able to speak to Ms. Winnie and advised that they will send it out on this day

July 22

Received my documents at 4:37pm

Dear admins

Thank you so much for all your time, effort, money and sharing your skills to make this happen. Sobrang laki ng tiwala ko sa skillset nyo kahit noong 100+ pa lang itong group. My hope died down back in 2020 since I tried my best to process everything, went to POLO but they rejected my docs kahit compliant si ex-employer ko. But because of this group, I started investing my time sa pagche check ng updates nyo and working on my own again, what I thought fit for my situation since I`m working under the government. I love you all!!!


Ang dami kong pagod sa pagaayos ng documents, tried to negotiate with our employer, I called and went to the Labor Affairs Office, also City hall, did my own translation to some supporting documents, drafted my own letters and revised it many times. But it`s all worth it!!! All glory to God!!! I can really testify na mas lenient na ang POLO Tokyo now.