Doubt! Card Game (Good at)

Quick Details

  • Topic: Good at
  • Textbook Name: New Horizon
  • Unit Number: Unit 8



This is similar to the Bluff card game. You can print the first 2 sheets as double-sided (両面印刷) and they should match perfectly. You can use the 3rd sheet for practicing the expression before starting the game or as a guide. You can either use a construction paper when printing or laminate the cards to make them sturdier.

How to play:

  1. Put the students into groups and provide them with one set of cards (shuffled). Put the cards in the middle, face down.
  2. Have the students decide the order of who picks the card.
  3. The student whose turn it is picks a card from the stack and says, “I’m good at ~.” then puts it on a separate pile of “used” cards on the desk face down.
    The other students will then try to guess if that student is being truthful or not. If everyone thinks that student is telling the truth then they don’t say anything and the next student takes a card. But, if they think that student is lying then they should challenge him/her and shout “Doubt!”
    Turn over the card to check. If the student is lying then he/she has to get all the cards from the “used” pile. If the student was telling the truth then the first student to shout “Doubt!” gets all the "used’ cards instead.
  4. The game ends when there are no more cards left on the original pile.
  5. The student with the least number of cards wins.

File download

Doubt Game (Good at).pdf (687.3 KB)