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03-27-2005, 09:10 PM

Errant Filipino policemen atoned for their sins yesterday by flagellating themselves and volunteering to be crucified. Nineteen policemen who were facing dismissal or suspension took part in the Lenten Rites, a bloody re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s final hours, in order to save their jobs.

Wearing crowns of ropes and leaves and struggling under the weight of wooden crosses, they trudged for nearly two miles through San Fernando city, 25 miles north of Manila. Four men volunteered to whip their backs to show repentance, while one police superintendent was strapped to the cross.

Officers who had neglected their duty were told that they could keep their jobs if they took part in the Lenten Rites to show repentance for their sins. Those absent without leave for a short period or who missed guard duty escaped disciplinary measures by carrying the cross, while those who were absent for 100 days or more had to volunteer for crucifixion.

Chief Superintendent Rowland Albano, who joined his men in the procession, said: “They were happy to be given a chance to redeem themselves. All of us are humans, and we all have shortcomings.”

How about other shortcomings, like, er, bank robbery and kidnapping? Are these redeemable, too? Crucifixion fever saves police jobs in the Philippines (http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia/story.jsp?story=623775).

Filipinos marked Good Friday by retracing Jesus Christ’s last steps and reliving his crucifixion with nails, whips and blood.

The gory rituals in several parts of the heavily Roman Catholic country are not sanctioned by the Church as part of Easter but have become a magnet for the curious and devout during a week of prayer, shopping, visiting and little work.

Wala pa akong personal na nakitang crucifixion, puro mga self-flagelation lang sa town namin sa Pinas. These are either signs of piety or folly. I wonder which? Filipinos mark Good Friday with nails, blood. (http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7292884/)


03-27-2005, 10:01 PM

napanood ko nga ito sa cable namin kagabi, natawa lang si misis.
sabi ko naman, kung lahat ng pulis sa Pinas gagawa nito siguro araw-araw Lenten sa Pinas.
sana wag naman nilang gawin ang ganito para lang sabihing nag/mag-babago na sila, dahil if i know pag-katapos nito balik ulit sila sa dating gawi nakatago sa likod ng mga poste para sa pang kape!!!
sna mag-react naman ang simbahan for this.
cyclops :slight_smile: :mad: :slight_smile:

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