09-15-2004, 07:13 AM

Hello friends,

Firefox, the open-source browser from, is version 1.o today. Firefox is a very good alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

From InternetWeek:

The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday launched a version of its stand-alone Firefox browser that incorporates all the features of the final which is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter. Dubbed the “Firefox Preview Release,” this version includes tools not seen in earlier betas, including a RSS reader that displays headlines in the bookmarks menu, an updated Find feature, and a plug-in installer.

Like all versions of Firefox, this one is free to download from the Mozilla site.


Firefox Preview Release: The safer, faster, better web browser featuring tabbed browsing, integrated search and live bookmarks ( Stop pop-ups, spyware and viruses. Get Firefox ( and spread the word ( m/)! “Beware of spyware. If you can, use the Firefox browser.” - USA Today, Sep 08 (

Download and installation is quick. It also works well with Timog Forum, apparently.

I like Firefox’s tabbed browsing, which lets you surf multiple sites in one window, the fact that it’s open-source and standards-compliant, and its pop-up and spyware-blocking feature. If you’re still using IE, consider trying this out.



09-15-2004, 05:49 PM

i just upgraded my firefox and it’s working fine.

on my windows computers at the lab, i interchange between opera and firefox. but since gmail doesn’t support opera, i use firefox for checking my gmail account. i haven’t used internet explorer for ages 'coz it sucks big time.

on my mac, i use safari. :slight_smile:

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