Help still sparse for human trafficking victims in Japan


07-20-2005, 11:28 PM

The plight of human trafficking victims in Japan, a country that has been labeled a “human trafficking paradise” has come under the spotlight as the nation works to fight the crime under new legislation.

One 38-year-old Thai woman now jailed in Japan knows the dangers of human trafficking all too well. After her arrival, she began living in an apartment in Mie Prefecture with a 27-year-old Thai woman who was watching over her. But her job was not at a Thai restaurant. “I’ve bought you for 2.3 million yen,” the younger woman informed her. “You’ve got to work as a prostitute and pay me back 5.5 million yen including interest. If you don’t, I’ll have no option but to kill you.”

Could have been someone from back home. From Mainichi Daily News ( 000c.html).

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