How to answer the Labour Force Survey of the Statistics Bureau online

The Labour Force Survey of the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is a sample survey of households all over Japan to obtain data for the central government’s economic and employment policy.

Data obtained in this survey is supposedly used only for statistical purposes and not for other uses such as immigration control, police action and taxation.

If you happen to be selected to answer one of these surveys and received the survey forms through the mail, you might be happy to know that this can be easily done online through the English page of the official portal site of the Statistics Survey.

The procedure is outlined below.

1. Access the portal site

Scan the QR code on the survey info form. Alternatively, you may input the URL ( into the address bar of your browser.

2. Go to the English site

Touch the English button on top-right to access the English page.

Labour Force Survey-00

3. Go to login page

Touch the To the login page button.

Labour Force Survey-01

4. ID and password input

Select Labour Force Survey on the drop-down button and type the ID and password found on the survey form.

Touch the Login button.

Labour Force Survey-03

5. Change password

The password in the survey form is only temporary. Type your new password to change it.

Labour Force Survey-04

6. Email address input

Type the optional email address and touch the Register button.

Labour Force Survey-05

7. Confirm contact details / list of questionnaires

Touch List of questionnaires button.

Labour Force Survey-06

8. Select Labour Force Survey

Touch Labour Force Survey

Labour Force Survey-07

9. How to fill the survey page

Check the steps and touch the Start to answer button.

Labour Force Survey

10. Number of household members

If you live with your family, then all members of the family is one household, usually headed by the father.

If you are an adult sharing an apartment with another (a technical intern trainee for example), then you are the only member of your household.

Select the appropriate numbers and touch Next page.

Labour Force Survey

11. Name/gender input

Type the name of members of your household and their gender and touch Next page.

Labour Force Survey

12. Answer the rest of the items

At the bottom, touch the Go to the household member list page button

Labour Force Survey

13. Input name of household members

Type the rest of the names of household members and touch Go to the answer submission page.

Labour Force Survey

14. Check answers

Type your phone number without hyphen and review your answers. The touch Submit all answers.

Labour Force Survey

15. Acceptance status

You can log out and close the browser window when the message below appears.

Labour Force Survey