How to change color scheme, text size and default home page

In your preferences page, you can change the color scheme, text size and what you see on the front page when you access Timog BBS.

Color Scheme

The default color scheme of Timog BBS is “Light.” However, if you access the website with a smart phone, the color will automatically change depending on the settings of your phone (on the iPhone, this is set in “Display & Brightness” setting).

You can also set the color scheme on your preferences page on Timog BBS itself. There are three (3) light color schemes and four (4) dark schemes to choose from.

Text size

You normally don’t have to change the text size, but you can set this to be smaller or larger:

  • Smallest
  • Smaller
  • Normal
  • Larger
  • Largest

Default Home Page

You can also set what you see when you access the home page.