How to renew your Philippine passport in Japan (Tokyo)

This guide outlines how to renew your passport at the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

If your passport is going to expire within the next 12 months, it’s time to get a new one. Follow these simple steps to a stress-free passport renewal. (It’s recommended that you renew your passport at least 8 months before its expiration date.)

Make an appointment online

Head over to DFA’s Global Online Application System and book an appointment. You need an email address to do this. You will need to provide:

  • your personal information
  • details of your current passport
  • names of parents and spouse (if you’re married)

Make sure that your details (especially your name and date of birth) are correct before you finalize your appointment.

Note: Check your email immediately after finishing the passport appointment and click on the Click here to CONFIRM your booking link to confirm your appointment. Not clicking on this link within 1 hour will invalidate your appointment.

Check your spam folder if you don’t get the confirmation email.

There are cases where the confirmation email is not sent when booking group appointments. Avoid them and book individual appointments instead.

After confirming your appointment, you will get a second email with your Passport Application Form (in PDF) attached. If your name and date of birth in the application form is not correct, your will need to cancel this application and make a new one.

Print the Passport Application Form on an A4 paper.

Prepare the necessary documents

The list below are the things you need for your passport appointment at the embassy.

You don’t need to bring a photo; your photo will be taken at the embassy.

Note: You need to decide whether to cancel your passport (they will punch a hole in it and render it useless) at the time of renewal or keep it until you receive your new passport. If you decide to keep it, you will need to submit a self-addressed postcard along with the Letterpack Plus envelope.

When your new passport is ready, the Consular Section will send you the postcard. When you receive this postcard, send them your old passport inside a 520-yen Letterpack Plus envelope. They will then cancel the old passport and send it to you together with your new passport.

Go to the Embassy for your appointment

The address of the Embassy is: 5-15-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8537. Searching “Philippine Embassy” in your map application might take you there faster.

Go to the Consular Section of the Embassy (if you go to the entrance on the opposite side you might meet the Ambassador and you don’t want that) and submit your documents, pay the processing fee and have your photo and biometrics taken.

Wait for your passport in the mail

Passport processing usually takes about 2 months or less. If you wish, you can track the status of your passport at the DFA’s site. You can also check if it has been mailed by the Consular Section by entering the Letterpack Plus tracking number at the Japan Post website.

If you didn’t cancel your current passport, you will get the postcard in the mail first. When you get the postcard, mail your current passport to the Embassy inside a 520-yen Letterpack Plus envelope. They will cancel that passport and mail it to you together with the new one.

If the passport has not arrived within 2 months, you can email the Consular Section ( to inquire.

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