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08-25-2005, 12:05 AM

Images in Timog Forum

What would life be without pictures? That’s what we were thinking when we decided to add a Gallery to Timog Forum. Besides putting photos into the Gallery, members can also post pictures along with (or inside) their forum messages. This guide will show you show to use images in Timog Forum wisely.

Irises by Van Gogh. 440 pixels is the maximum width of images that won’t stretch the Homepage if displayed below the avatar.

The Gallery

All members are allowed to use the Gallery to store and display their pictures. As stated in the Timog Forum Rules and Guidelines ( ), with few exceptions, you may post only pictures taken in Japan.

The Gallery has two main sections: the Public Folders and the Personal Folders (folders are also called Categories). The three folders in the Public Folders (People ( ), Places ( ) and Others ( )) are open to all members to put their pictures in. However, you may want to make your own folder for your own use. You can do that in the Personal Folders section.

You can create your own folder inside the Personal Folders section, name it to your liking, and set the folder permissions (let others view the pictures inside, restrict others from putting their photos in it, etc.). You can also make other folders inside your own personal folder so you can make groups your pictures.

You can upload into the Gallery JPG, GIF and PNG files that are 300 KB and or smaller file sizes. For photos, you may want to stick with jpegs as they give the best balance between quality and file size. All pictures uploaded into the Gallery are automatically resized to 585x585 pixels (unless they are smaller than that, in which case, they are not resized) and the original (large-sized) pictures are discarded (to conserve bandwidth). There is a reason for the 585x585-pixel dimension: 585 pixels is the maximum width of pictures that can be posted inside your forum messages without stretching the Forum columns (more on that later).

Posting forum messages with pictures


There are two ways for you to include images in your post. The simpler way is by “attaching” them (like attaching images in your email) by clicking on the Attachment icon on the menu bar of the message editor (see the image below). Use the attachment feature if the image that you want to include in your post is inside your computer (meaning it is not inside any website accesiblle through the Internet).

The Attachments icon is encircled in blue; the Insert Image icon is in red. When in doubt, always use the Attachment feature. Only use the Insert Image feature if you’ve mastered this guide thoroughly.

Like the Gallery, you can attach JPG, GIF and PNG files with your post. The maximum image size allowed is 4000x4000 pixels and the maximum file size is 300 KB; when large images are attached with a post, the Forum automatically makes 545-pixel versions of these images and displays those instead of the big files (that way the Forum columns will not stretch). When members click on those smaller images, the original, larger images are then displayed.

You might be wondering about the 4000x4000-pixel maximum size. We set those dimensions primarily because we need files submitted in the Translations Forum to be clearly readable, hence the big dimensions. For ordinary postings in the forums, you probably don’t need huge images sizes, so please exercise your discretion and attach only appropriately-sized images along with your post (normally, around 600x600 pixels is probably enough).

When in doubt, and especially if you’re a new member, please use the attachment feature to include images in your post. See ( ) some ( ) examples ( ).

Inline images

Another (hugely complicated) way to include pictures in your forum messages is by inserting them in the body of your post (by clicking on the Insert Image icon in the message editor when writing your message, and typing the URL of the images). Images posted this way are called inline images. Inserting images will only work if the images are accessible through the Internet (for example, if the images are stored in Timog Gallery, Flickr, or any other website on the Internet). (Note that all images in this guide are inline images, stored in the Timog Gallery.)

Irises, expanded version. The widest image that can be inserted in a message without stretching the Forum page is 585 pixels, like this picture. Note that this image will stretch the Homepage out of shape if it is displayed there.

Inserting images inside your posts is nice, especially if you’re posting a long message with a lot of pictures that need captions. However, this is fraught with danger and if you’re not careful and insert a huge picture in your message, you might wreck the Timog Homepage out of shape.

To understand how this happens, you have to realize two things: A.) Inline images are not resized (therefore, if you insert a 2000-pixel-wide image, the forum column will be stretched 2000 pixels wide); and B.) New posts are displayed on the Timog Homepage (where the column is actually much narrower than the normally displayed post).

Now, this is where things get really complicated.

Consider the image below. That is how this post looks like on the Timog Homepage. Only a part of the post is displayed, not the whole message. The maximum width of images that will not stretch the Homepage is only 440 pixels. So if you think the image in your post will show up on the Homepage, it should be no wider than 440 pixels. Not only that; the text preceding it should be long enough to make the image display below the poster’s avatar in the Homepage. Otherwise, even a 440-pixel-wide image will stretch the Homepage if it is displayed beside (and not below) the avatar. (I know, that’s really complicated.)

This is how new posts are displayed in the Homepage. 440 pixels is the maximum width of images that won’t stretch the Frontpage. Note that this image is displayed below the avatar. Without the text above it, this 440-pixel image will still stretch the page out of shape.

If you’re posting a long message with inserted pictures at the end (that will probably not be displayed in the Homepage because only a short snippet of posts are displayed in the Homepage), then the pictures can have a maximum width of 585 pixels without stretching the forum column (585 pixels is also the width of automatically resized pictures in the Timog Forum).

(See Hiking Up Mount Fuji ( . The images are all 585 pixels wide and inserted at the end of the article so they didn’t show up on the Homepage when the post was new.)

Please master the complicated points in this guide if you want to insert inline images in your posts. We may edit, move or delete without notice any forum message that contains any image that stretches the Forum or Homepage width out of shape. Our advice to everyone: only insert inline images in your posts if you know what you’re doing.

To summarize:

  1. Every member is free to use the Timog Gallery. The maximum file size is 300 KB. All images are automatically resized to 585x585 pixels upon uploading. Original files are discarded. Safe even for newbies; there is no danger of wrecking the Forum.

  2. If you want to include images in your forum messages, your safest route is by attaching the image with your post (by clicking on the Attachment icon in the message editor menu). Maximum image size is 4000x4000 pixels and maximum file size is 300 KB. All images are resized to 545x545 pixels and the original images are kept. There is also no danger of stretching the Forum columns.

  3. Inserting images in forum messages is reserved for Timog regulars who know the ropes around the website. There is no maximum image and file sizes for inserted images. They are not resized and may wreck the Forum and Homepage columns out of shape. If you really want to insert images in your posts, we ask that you follow this guide thoroughly and that you view your post through the Homepage just after you post your message and check if anything is wrong. You can edit your message for up to 2 hours after posting it.

Please post your comments and questions below.


10-07-2006, 05:38 PM

Sir Nick, I made a lapse in this too under Personal discussion, dun sa mag greet ng birthday, I did it twice I must admit attaching gif file to add color to my birthday greetings and then I bumped into one of your reminders, shacks! again sorry for that, kinain yung bandwidth ng TF am sure para lang dun sa pictures that I attached. Text is more than enough!


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nasaan yung gallery? hindi rin gumagana yung PHOTOS na link ngayon? :confused:

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