Hello Timog Community,

My name is Jamani and I feel glad to be a part of timog group. By profession, I am a software engineer, which means I spend a lot of time in front of screens, dealing with code and technology. I have Sitecore Developer Skills Also I am passionate about gardening whenever I am not busy in code you can find me gardening.
I believe that combining technology and nature can lead to innovative and efficient gardening practices, and I am eager to learn more about this balance.
I am here to learn, share, and contribute to discussions. if anyone is curious about how technology can enhance gardening practices, I did be happy to share my knowledge and insights.

Thank you for your warm welcome

Jamani-san, thanks for dropping by and sharing your passion for technology-enhanced gardening.

What we have here is a very niche community, and sorry to disappoint you but you’re more likely to find the typical Filipino in Japan dancing for Tiktok or holding a selfie stick dreaming of Youtube stardom than being slightly interested about gardening.

Have you tried Reddit’s /r/gardening sub? They have 6.6M members over there.

I will definitely check and I have no interest in dancing

Good luck to your endeavors!