Is the Rising Sun flag offensive?

Nung college ako may nakikita akong bag na parang ganito (wala lang yung motor sa design) sa SM pero wala lang sa akin.

Meron bang Pinoy na nao offend sa Rising Sun flag? Big deal ito sa mga Koreano, pero wala pa akong nakitang Pinoy na offensive ang flag na ito. Dapat ba tayong ma offend?


hindi sa akin


hindi ba mga koreano lang ang gumagawa ng isyu dyan? palagay ko mga pilipino ay walang problema matagal ng flag ng japan yan

i’m not korean so i don’t exactly know what they think about this imagery. i may be wrong, but i don’t even think every korean is offended by this. heck, i don’t even know what every filipino thinks about this.

this is probably offensive for some, for others not so. as a filipino, it’s not offensive for me personally.

what i have an issue with is when people tell me “you’re not offended because you don’t know your history”. i know what atrocities the japanese did in the philippines during world war II. but i don’t like manufacturing hate because of things that happened a lot time ago.

of course the philippines is different from korea (or china). we suffered less under the japanese, maybe the culture of forgiveness is a bit different, i don’t know, and more importantly, there are no politicians who constantly harp about what the japanese during the war. they won’t get points endlessly reminding the population that the japanese killed and raped and pillaged their way through the philippines during the war and that they don’t teach these in their books enough.

maybe because of those reasons, many filipinos i assume are not offended by/don’t hate/don’t care about this flag. and not being offended by a piece of cloth is one less stress to worry about.