Japan→ Philippines→ Taiwan→ Japan, kailangan ba ng OEC?

Good morning.

Question lang po balak po kasi namin magbakasyon ng family sa Taiwan before ako lumipad pabalik ng Japan. Ano po kaya hahanapin sakin if sa Taiwan ako manggaling? Need ko pa po ba mag secure ng OEC or okay na yung working visa? Thanks in advance.


If dadaan po kayo sa Philippine immigration before kayo pupunta mg Taiwan, need nyo po ng OEC. But if sa Taiwan lang bakasyon nyo and di kayo uuwi sa Pinas, passport and residence card lang po need ninyo i-present pagbalik nyo sa Japan.

not sure if this is still applicable from


Filipino travelers who are not classified as OFWs and are not qualified for the issuance of OECs include emigrants/immigrants; permanent residents of other countries; dependents/spouse of a foreign national; and intra-company transferees; trainees; US J1 visa holders, cultural exchange program participants; OFWs on vacation but will visit other countries before returning previous jobsite; and other non-OFW status as evaluated.

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