Kapihan sa Timog

puro na lang kankohi…

mata kankohi…



at basa…

boss coffee has offered to sponsor this thread this week

bakit saikin puro bundok ang nasa timog? wala bang beach-goers club? :beach_umbrella:

pangit kasi beach sa japan. kape tayo

at basa:

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100% milk and 3 kinds of coffee.
Strong and creamy. The perfect cafe latte for a Friday morning.

Happy Friday!

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Ang init na!
Breakfast on a warm morning.

aga nyan a!

kankohi: ang tamis :smiley: pero libre kaya okay lang

reading a blog from a “japayuki”

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いこみき (と、それぞれの字形が似ているところから)互いに似ているものをたとえていう語。)

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the replies make the original essay much more interesting.

Anonymous said…

I know not all japayukis are bad persons but I know of a terrible japauki. I had a girlfriend who, without my knowledge, took my money to go to Japan and be a Japayuki. She told me she just needed to go to another place to find a job and “stand on her own” (she couldn’t find a job in the Philippines). When she arrived in Japan she told me through a telephone conversation that she used my money, I forgave her. I even provided for her family while she was in Japan, she said she’d pay me back once she’s earned enough. I didn’t know that she was a prostitute in Japan. She had several Japanese boyfriends who were giving her material things like monetary allowance, digicams, cellphones, etc. When she went back to the Philippines after six months (having all the money she has from prostituting) she broke up with me and then she told me about what she did in Japan. She didn’t even bother to pay me back everything that she owed me, from the her travel expenses to Japan and the financial support I’ve been giving her family. Her money eventually ran out, but she can’t go back to Japan because her Japanese “boyfriends” are looking for her because of the money and things that she also took from them. Now she has a live-in partner (whom she houses in her family’s home) and has a child out of wedlock and is constantly bugging me, trying to reconnect with me. Hope other japayukis do not follow this bad example.

kape sa umaga habang umuulan sa labas. ito ang binabasa:

7-11 coffee. cheap & convenient. so much better than starbucks