Memory Game/Shinkei Suijaku Card Game (Job and Good at)

Quick Details

  • Topic: I want to be ~ . / I’m good at ~ .
  • Textbook Name: New Horizon
  • Unit Number: Unit 8



Japanese students love playing this memorization card game (or Shinkei Suijaku in Japanese) and most are already very familiar on how it is played.

For this game, they have to match the “job” (blue card) with a particular “skill” (orange card). For example, the card saying “I want to be writer.” matches with “good at writing”.

Encourage the students to say the full sentences “I want to be ~.” and “I’m good at ~.” after turning over the respective cards.

When printed double-sided, the “cards” should align perfectly.

File download

Memory Game (Job Good at).pdf (1.4 MB)