Mount Kaba 加波山 Hike 24.04.14 (Sun)

Kabasan (加波山) Hike 24.04.14 (Sun) Itinerary

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Ang schedule ng hike ay 8:40 to around 15:00. pero depende sa ating bilis at dami ng rest stops, baka mas mapaaga ito.

Wala dito ang stop para sa Ryugasaki dahil walang reply si @Rea (hindi ko alam kung tutuloy at hindi ko alam ang pickup place).

06:46 DCM Ami parking (rachel, ruby, julie)
06:58 Mitsubishi Motors front (rey)
07:06 Arakawaoki-eki bus stop (vhen, rea, me-an )
07:10 7-11 Joyful Honda parking (genji, kuys)
Buy water, onigiri/obento at 7-11

07:20 7-11 Joyful Honda departure
08:20 Kabasan Jinja arrival
08:40 Start of hike
12:00 Kabasan (lunch, descent)
15:00 Kabasan Jinja departure
16:00 7-11 Joyful Honda
16:04 Arakawaoki-eki
16:24 DCM Ami

About Kabasan

From Sakuragawa City webpage:

It is a popular hiking spot where beginners and families with children can easily hike. It is a mountain with an altitude of 709 meters, and even if you climb slowly, you can go back and forth in about 3 and a half hours, making it ideal for a day hike.

It has deep ties to faith and religion, and the main shrine of Kabasan Shrine is located at the top. Near the top of the mountain, there are strange stones and megaliths, creating a mystical atmosphere.

It is a popular mountain with many things to see, as it is dotted with stone monuments and Jizo statues.

Hiking map

Kabasan Hiking Map