OFW Salusalo on December 28


12-17-2005, 01:25 PM

Dear Kabayan:

Isang maagang pagbati ng makabuluhang Pasko sa iyo at iyong ka-pamilya!

“This is the first time I attended but I’m very glad and grateful I
was invited. It was well-organized and the speakers were all great.
“Very good speakers. The activity is really informative and
inspirational. Very enlightening.”
“Great the activity was worthwhile. I hope to be part of the next
salusalo. Hopefully, next time I’d be able to contribute something
in the next event.”
“Kindly maintain a mix of financial opportunities, business and
investment opportunities.”

Those intro words were the words of attendees in our July OFW salusalo which was indeed a successful event in cooperation with Generali Pilipinas with more than 100 participants who are OFWs, OFW reps and company reps who had their product exhibits and who shared gifts as raffle prizes. In this event, we had a very significant experience to learn more about cooperative savings, financial planning, entrepreneurship and business startups for OFWs.

We wish to report the results from this July salusalo and we hope to invite you to participate in our upcoming December Salusalo and Business Forum on December 28, 2005. For all interested OFW participants, representatives, presentors and sponsors who have businesses as products, services and opportunities for all interested OFW investors, please register online by following the link below:

http://www.ofw-salusalo.net (http://www.ofw-salusalo.net/)

Hope to meet you on December 28 as we celebrate Christmas and New Year with fellow OFWs and OFW families from all over the world! Commercial and job fair booths are to be charged to start our mobilization fund for more salusalos in the future. Here’s an outline of our programme for the Business Forum and Financial Literacy parts:

8-9AM Registration

9-12NN Business Startup & Financial Literacy

a. Govt. Regulations and Policies - SEC Representative
b. Money Talks - Colayco Foundation
c. Financial Literacy - Generali Pilipinas

12-1PM Lunch and Entertainment
(Life of OFWs in Rome Video prepared by Fr. Stephen Cuyos MSC)

1-3:30PM Business Presentations

  • 7-11 Franchising for OFWs
  • Barangay Processing Plant - Bobby Tanchoco
  • OFI Bank Project - Jun Aguilar, Jene Canlas
  • Global Pinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Ang Bayang Pinoy
  • OFW Newspaper Franchise / OFW Sarisari Store

3:30-5PM Group Presentations

  • Balikpinas.com Multipurpose Cooperative
  • OFW Taguig and Pateros Chapters
  • Pinokyos of Singapore
  • Seafarers - Buhay Marino

5-6PM Raffle Draws, Entertainment

Showcases (to update):

  1. Art Exhibit of Paul Escobanas, an impressionist painter

  2. Commercial Booths at Php2000 each
    *Harmonde Inc.
    *Condo Philippines

  3. OFW Recruitment Booths at Php3000 each
    *Sahara Systems-Japan

Gift Giving Targets:

  1. Raffle
  2. Child Prisoners
  3. El Nino Victims (Sagip: Kulaman, Sultan Kudarat)
  4. Pakistan Earthquake victims

More than 100 signees reached our mailbox already. If you still want to come, please register at once at http://www.ofw-salusalo.net .

Every OFW Salusalo is for every OFW… the only one of its kind so far! Let’s spread the word para marami ang makinabang… magiging dagdag ito sa ating mga kaalaman para sa ating paghahanda pagbalik sa ating bayan.

See you at the 3 in 1 salusalo and let’s have a Christmas get-together with OFWs worldwide!

Uuwi rin sa Pasko,
Tonette Binsol
OFW from Tokyo, Japan

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