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10-07-2005, 02:46 PM

Greetings Timog community,

I would like to post a new question for your comments and suggestions. My daughter was born last August we have registered her in the prefectural office, but do I need to file a report and register her at the Phillippine Consular Office?

I called them up (osaka) but the information was not clear on its advantages and disadvantages. she ask me if I want to apply her for a philippine passport? and I ask her if that is necessary? she answered “magiging dalawa ang passport ng anak mo” isn’t that obvious. My wife (japanese) agreed and we are planning to go back to philippines before our daugthers 1st year, for baptism and to visit my relatives.

thanks in advance
more power to the community



10-07-2005, 11:03 PM

good evening Friley,

I think you are entitle to do and choose if you want your daughter to have 2 passports (Japanese and Phil).

Ang isa sa kagandahang nang Japanese passport ay hindi kailangan kumuha ng “Tourist Visa” (for 30 days). Kasi maraming bansa ang kailangan (pa natin) kumuha ng “Visa” just to travel, if you are still holding A Filipino passport.:rolleyes:

I have this friend, she’s American and her husband is japanese(of course). She got her daughter an american passport and japanese passport,too. When she and her daughter go back to USA, she shows her japanese passport (immigration-airport) when leaving japan. When they arrived in USA, she uses her American passport. (Iba kasi ang jap/usa passport kesa sa jap/phil. passport). Baka hindi pwede sa’tin ang ganoon style/practice. Malay mo, pagtalagang ma-aprubahan ang “Double Nationality”, hindi muna ito maitatanong o problema, di ba?:grinny:

Halimbawa kung lalabas kayo ng Japan, pwede mo lang ipakita ang Japanese passport ng anak mo. At kung papasok ka sa Pilipinas pwede mo naman ipakita ang Phil. passport niya.:confused: Kaya lang, naisip ko baka tanungin ka kung saan kayo nagmula/nanggaling. Kung sasabihin mo na ang bata ay pinanganak sa Japan, baka tanungin ka rin nasaan ang Visa na nakatatak sa Phil. passport niya. At kung pabalik naman kayo at ipakita mo ang Phil. passport niya, tatanungin ka ulit kung saan ang Visa na nakatatak sa passport niya.:eek: Naku! medyo problema pa iyan.

;)Siguro dapat mo na lang gamitin ang “Jap. passport” niya para hindi ka ma-question , kasi hindi niya kailangan ng Visa sa Japanese passport niya(since she’s japanese national). Kaya, siguro hindi masabi sa iyo (Phil. Embasssy) kung mayroon iyon “advantage” na may Phil.passport ang anak mo.

Pero sa ngayon ay wala pa iyang advantage. Sa tingin ko, “in the future it will be your or her advantage.” Just think about it, marami nang pumasok sa atin mga Basketbolista sa Pilipinas, di ba iba nga “fake” pa nga, malay mo balang-araw magamit mo iyang “proof” na talagang may dugong Pinay siya. Eh! isipin mo baka balang araw maging “Miss Philippines to Japan” ang anak mo :yippee: May ebidensya na agad siya, kasi nakuha mo siya ng Philippine passport.

Good luck and i hope i helped you even a little bit.

puting tainga

10-08-2005, 01:28 AM

Haponesa ang anak mo dahil at least one of her biological parents is a Japanese, regardless of the birthplace. (Law amended in 1985. Before that, only the biological father was the condition.)

And as most of you know, in 2003 dual citizenship was passed into law in the Philippines.

This means she can have dual citizenship until the day before she became 22 years old.
By then she must decide which nationality she wants to keep.
When you want to buy real estates, or invest in Ph, it is advantageous to be a Filipino. (That’s the reason this law was enforced, to get foreign funds, ayon sa balita.)

In general, if you have to choose a nationality, it is better to belong to a bigger nation, especially if you can speak the language.

Getting a passport is not free, and it takes a lot of time.

If it is probable she is going to choose to be a Japanese in the end, why waste time in getting 2 passports?


10-10-2005, 04:16 PM

Thank you Dstar and Puting tainga, even though both of you were on opposite polarity in comment, I highly appreciate that, I like the positive outlook of Dstar (kahit nahilo ako sa mga examples but it was informative) and the practicality of puting tainga (so why waste time, coz I already did when i apply for the ETCM certificate last year sa Osaka phil. embassy it was an excrutiating experience if you don’t know anyone from inside or ask help from a religious org.). again thank you and more power to the community.

domo, osewanarimashita… …


10-19-2007, 07:07 PM

puede dual nationality sa pinas. Fiance ko kase pumunta dito sa japan. Phil. passport pinakita nya sa NAIA pero nung nandito na sa Japan, German passport na nilabas nya. Kase maraming chuva-chuva pag phil passport pinakita dito.


02-07-2008, 03:57 PM

walang problema kung dalawa ang passport ng anak mo.
kasi ipinanganak siya sa Japanese at Filipino parents.
kaya hanggang wala pa siya legal age, he can enjoy 2 citizenships
kaso sa Japan kasi di inaaalow ang dual citizenshio kaya kapag legal age ng anak, kailangan niya na magpili ng citizenship.

advantage ng dual passport ng bata: he can stay long in the Phils or Japan until he reaches majority age. :slight_smile:

you can call Phil Consulate Morioka 019-626-9139


02-07-2008, 04:27 PM

having a philippine passport for your child is advantageous when someday, you’ll decide to live in the Philippines for good… or need to stay there more than 3 months… which i know is impossible if you’re carrying a japanese passport. but if you are sure enough that your kids will spend their life here in Japan until they grow old, then you don’t have to think about it… :wink:

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