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09-07-2004, 05:38 AM

June 2004

Promotions/Marketing Department
Dear Sir/Madam:

The Science and Technology Advisory Council-Japan Chapter (STAC-J ( is an organization of students, professionals, and other Filipino individuals staying in Japan who are interested and willing to contribute in the advancement of science and technology in the Philippines. The organization is an advocate for science and technology as an inevitable tool for Philippine development.

One of the major activities of STAC-J is an annual confabulation (Confab), which aims to tackle significant issues. The theme for this year’s Confab, dubbed as TLC2004, Technical Linkage and Cooperation ( , is “Towards a More Effective and Responsive Technical Cooperation: Building Partnership and Strengthening Human Resources Network.” This confabulation is designed to provide a venue where Filipinos can discuss and exchange ideas to further enhance their capabilities in implementing technical cooperation in the Philippines. In cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (jica), and Philippine-Japan Fellows Association (PHILJAFA), the event will be a real-time interactive videoconference between the Philippines and Japan on September 18, 2004. Approximately a 100 people are expected to participate in this event.

Along with the Confab, we are also building a Database ( aimed at maintaining vital information on Filipinos living, working or studying in Japan. It is aimed also at providing linkages among the various researchers, scholars and trainees in various areas of science and technology. Presently, the online database is undergoing final testing and development. Soon, it will be officially launched and made available for public use.

We would therefore like to invite your company to become one of our sponsors for these two grand projects of STAC-J. Attached herewith is the sponsorship form containing information on the corresponding sponsorship package of your preference.

Thank you very much for your consideration and support.



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