The great rush until the end of the fiscal year

The end of the fiscal year in Japan is fast approaching and it seems everyone is caught up in a great rush to wrap things up and finish deadlines before starting the new year in spring. Reports have to be written, products manufactured in quantity, flaws detected and fixed, inventories counted, resignation letters submitted, contracts renewed, moving plans finalized, the list goes on and on… And we’re caught up in this rush, too, of course.

But when you’re over your head with work in the office or factory, it’s always refreshing to take a break and head to the great outdoors.

Here’s a photo of a friend of mine, testing his ultra-modern Pentax K10D coupled with an ancient Takumar 400mm/f5.6. While Nikon gets all the credit for making their pro dSLRs compatible with their manual lenses, no camera company beats Pentax for lens backward-compatibility. Old, rusty M42 screwmount lenses work on the newest Pentax dSLRs without a hitch.

Chelo shooting with Pentax K10D with Takumar 400mm/F5.6