The wacky world of love hotels


10-28-2004, 02:31 PM

TF guys, here’s an interesting link: The wacky world of love hotels (


Are there a lot of troublesome couples?

C: One man left his cell phone in a room, so I kept it for him. Later that day, the phone rang a few times. I thought it might be him looking for his cell phone. I picked it up and said “Hello, this is the xxx hotel.” However, what I heard was, “That phone is my husband’s. Don’t you give it back to him. I want it.”

B: One time a married woman came to my hotel with her lover. After they checked in, her husband showed up and demanded that we tell him which room his wife was in. We stalled him while we called the room. Her lover escaped down the fire escape, and she invited her husband to the room when they apparently spent a happy night together.

A: A couple in their 70s came and brought a tiny “shichirin” (a BBQ grill that uses charcoals). They proceeded to grill fish in a room, setting off the fire alarm.

Pretty funny.


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