This Is Our Day (Memory Game)

Quick Details

  • Topic: Daily Schedule
  • Textbook Name: Let’s Try 2
  • Unit Number: Unit 9



This is a memory/concentration game (Shinkei Suijyaku, in Japanese) to practice the target sentence: I (activity) at (time).

How to play:

  1. Clicking on any picture will trigger an anime character to appear. To win a point, students should find an “activity” and “time” that have the same anime character behind them.

  2. When choosing, a student must use the Target Sentence, for example, “I wake up at 8.” The teacher then clicks on “wake up” and “8:00”.
    (Clicking on this combination will reveal both Anpanman thus earning the said student a point.)

  3. If the characters are different, then just click on those characters to “cover” them up again.

  4. The game ends when all characters are “paired”.

File download

Concentration (Pairing) Game PP.pptx (5.8 MB)