Wanted: Filipina caregivers, AET/ALT staff in Sendai, Miyagi

Stacie Fil

11-16-2005, 09:52 PM

☆★Philipina Carers sought★☆

→Seeking those Philipina nationals with experience in nursing
care or care
of the elderly/ disabled OR those interested in doing so.←
If you are interested in this posting, please contact Jason Evans
jasone@tempuniversal .co.jp (http://us.f322.mail.yahoo.c om/ym/Compose?To=jasone@te mpuniversal.co.jp&YY=44398&order=down&sort=date&pos=0&view=a&head=b)

☆★AET/ ALT staff for Sendai (relocate)★☆

→Seeking someone relocate to the countryside near to Sendai as an
nice place to the North←
Job Description:
Asistant language teacher required to work in the countryside near
Sendai. Assistance offered with moving fees. House included in the
A great opportunity for someone looking to get out of the city!
Skills required;
Native level English speaker
Teaching experience
Enjoys working with children and young adults
Working Hours/ Dates:
08:30 - 15:30, M-f for 15 days per month.
Location (please be sure to check the location of the job by using
the cool
tool linked at the top of the page):
Motoyoshi-cho (Sendai)
1900円 per hr. (approx. 170000yen / month-housing is included in
package = no housing costs!)

If you have an interest in this position please forward an up to
resume along with enquiries/ applications

This is a public info. Your’s truely is neither involve nor connected in any way,just transferring the info. Hoping it could help.You may do transaction at your own risk.GOOD LUCK!


12-08-2005, 08:49 PM

hi stacie,

im here in phil, pwede ba ako mag apply? kailangan kol ang talaga nang work.

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