Where is the library? (School Information Gap)

Quick Details

  • Topic: Giving and asking for directions for places in school
  • Textbook Name: Let’s Try 2
  • Unit Number: Unit 8



I’m sure everyone is already familiar with information gap-type activities, so I won’t go much into details.

I usually use this as a class activity where the students go around the classroom asking other students for directions. But. depending on the class situation, I’ve also done this as a group task (4 students in a group).

Also, depending on how you would want the finished map to look, you can either let the students cut the room pictures on the left of the worksheet and glue/paste them on the school map once they’ve found out where they are, or they can just write them (in Japanese or in English) directly.

It may take some time for ALL students to complete the task so setting a time limit will greatly help in facilitating the activity. I usually allot 15~20 minutes for this.

Show the answer by either printing a blow-up copy of the “ANSWER” map or just by putting it on the big screen.

File download

School Map (Simple) Info GapWS.pdf (827.4 KB)