A charity concert for the benefit of Gawad Kalinga projects


10-27-2005, 03:47 PM

Dear People,
i would like to invite you to an event that will change people’s lives.
proceeds of this concert will help fund the Gawad kalinga projects, education of children,
livelihood and values formation of the families.

WHAT: A Charity Concert
WHO: anyone interested
WHEN: 4pm November 26, 2005 (Sat)
WHERE: 4-6-22 Kami-Osaki Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo 141-0021


What is Gawad Kalinga (GK)? :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile:

Gawad Kalinga has evolved into not just a work with the poor but also a work of nation building, from a simple but daring CFC intiative to a growing multi-sectoral partnership by the same spirit and vision.

GK hosts people-empowering activities moving towards building integrated, holistic and sustainable communities focusing first and foremost on depressed areas throughout the Philippines. Not one organization has the capability to rebuild the country, not even the government. The challenge that lies before us, the very stability and growth of a people and nation, compels more and more of us to work together.

GK gives priority to dismantling the pattern of despair and feeling of abandonment which overwhelm the lives of the impoverished. GK starts with establishing caring relationships with those who are among the most used, abused and neglected of society. GK then moves quickly to help restore the dignity of the poor and marginalized and revitalize their capacity to hope and dream. This is why GK builds brightly-painted homes, beautiful parks and playgrounds, colorful gardens and clean surroundings.

The caring spirit moves strongly to become a sharing one, and GK symbolizes the revolution of love and the vision of total human liberation. It begins with the CFC leadership and membership through the padugo system (bleeding for a cause), which institutionalizes the giving of resources and exemplies the culture of sharing.

The ideals of GK state that “no one is too poor that he cannot share, that no one is too rich that he cannot care.” GK reflects the determination of CFC and its partners to heal relationships in society, from within the family to the national environment. Rebuilding broken relationships translates to bridging gaps between people, and opens new and unlimited opportuinities for huamn interaction and the exchange of resources.

GK defines resources as beyond the monetary to that which has value to life and community. That is why GK goes beyond the management of funds to the management of relationships and sharing of resources. Architects and engineers design houses and create color schemes, doctors and nurses can attend to the people’s health, teachers can contribute their time and knowledge to the young, and business leaders can tutor others towards economic enterprises


10-27-2005, 07:42 PM

Thanks for posting this, Sonix. I was just procrastinating…so naunahan mo lang ako. Pero thanks, anyway! :slight_smile:

I’m the new makeup artist nga pala dito. Nyahahahaha! :nuts:


10-27-2005, 10:14 PM

this project is a great move.

if this all for the glory of God and for helping out the needy, i will include this on our prayers.

you know I was a catholic before, but now, i am just a simple Christian not bond of any denomination. If it is all for the glory of God, i will lift up your project in prayers. And this one is a good one.

We have a small intercessor group here came from different churches.

As long us Christ is being preached as our ultimate Savior and King, in Honor and glory of the Kingdom of our Father on high, and with the belief of the empowering of the Holy Spirit working in our lives through Jesus … we pray

even they are not we still pray

God Bless You all


10-28-2005, 01:05 AM

Thanks Adechan!

Yes, of course, this is for the glory of God.

All proceeds will be given directly to Gawad Kalinga for them to be able to help the poor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re no longer a Catholic. You love and serve God…I respect that. The next time you’re in the Philippines you can visit the GK Sites so you can see how they help the poor.

Thank you for including us in your prayers.

And in all things, may God be glorified,


GK’s slogan: No more slums. No more violence. No more poverty.


10-28-2005, 08:38 AM

I’m the new makeup artist nga pala dito. Nyahahahaha! :nuts:

:slight_smile: sugoi ka talaga Maruchan. naka-schedule kaming pumunta pero di ko alam kong ilan ang sasama. meron kasing ilan me pasok. pero sana maraming sumama.:slight_smile:


10-28-2005, 08:43 AM

:slight_smile: eto po pala ang web site ng gawad kalinga para po iba pang detalye. :type:


10-28-2005, 12:05 PM

kakatuwa nman kaio… sna talga support nio…
maruchan… makeup artist ka ba talga d2…
hehe hope to meet u in concert… :smiley:

and i quote…
“in everything u do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success…”"
-proverbs ??:??


10-28-2005, 05:38 PM

:slight_smile: sugoi ka talaga Maruchan. naka-schedule kaming pumunta pero di ko alam kong ilan ang sasama. meron kasing ilan me pasok. pero sana maraming sumama.:slight_smile:

Kinakabahan nga ako kasi kung bakit ako ang kinuhang tiga makeup, eh, hindi naman ako magaling. Tignan mo na lang muna ang resulta bago mo sabihin na sugoi kasi baka mukhang clowns ang mga performers nati. But anyway, see you na lang sa Meguro church, Nearane! Great to hear from you again. :yippee:

kakatuwa nman kaio… sna talga support nio…
maruchan… makeup artist ka ba talga d2…
hehe hope to meet u in concert… :smiley:

and i quote…
“in everything u do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success…”"
-proverbs ??:??

Kakatawa nga ang papel ko, eh. I started as one of the “hands performers” – it’s like a pantomime thing. Tapos linipat as one of the backup singers. Two weeks ago I became the tambourinist. Last Sunday, hindi na ako tambourinist so wala na ako sa stage kasi ginawa akong makeup artist nga. The way things are going for me, eh, baka this Sunday, eh, tiga walis na lang ako. Aruy ko po! :shutup: Ahihihi! :hihi:


10-28-2005, 07:08 PM


kahit na taga walis ka lang… or ever taga palakpak ka lng.
if ur doin it for the glory of GOD… appreciate nya un…

alala ko 2loi ung commercial ng landbank …which goes like this…

“ikaw ano trabaho mo… magsasaka LANG po…
nde dpat magsasaka LANG po… kung hindi MAGSASAKA…”

hehe parang ganun yan sa service dba… :smiley:

God bless always…


10-28-2005, 08:43 PM

Hindi naman ako papayag, sonix, na tiga walis ako kasi dadalhin ko na lang ang vacuum namin para naman mabilis at nakasisigurado ako na dust free ang Meguro church. :stuck_out_tongue: Parang hindi kasi bagay ang walis sa high-tech country tulad ng Japan. :smiley:

Seriously, kapag may nakita kayo na cute Japanese na guitarist sa stage, eh, hubby ko po iyon. Yay! :yippee:


10-28-2005, 10:44 PM

I didn’t know Gawad Kalinga has a place here in Japan where Catholics are a minority, there’s no slums, beggars, etc.

I was a member of YFC and SFC for quite a long time. I quit on the 7th year because I have had enough of prayer meetings and ‘elitist’ routine activities. People go to prayer meetings but remain unmindful of the hungry, sick, street children, unemployed, homeless along the way.

Gawad Kalinga borught me back into the community because it embodies my personal mission: to bring the love of Christ in concrete terms to as many persons as possible. I still hold the same conviction when I quit on that 7th year. Without GK, there’s no reason for me to return to SFC.

We should go beyond prayers.


11-24-2005, 07:53 PM

Maruchan tanong ko lang sana kung meron parking sa Meguro church. Tumawag kasi yong friend ko, tinatanong ako kung me parking dahil magku-kuruma yata sila papunta dyan eh di pa ako nakakapunta sa Meguro church kaya di ko alam. Yoroshiku ne. Thank you in advance.


11-25-2005, 12:22 AM

Here’s something to uplift your spirit. It did for me! Have a nice day!

An Interview of Dylan Wilks
by Bo Sanchez

Dylan Wilk was born to a poor family. But at the young age of 20, he started a computer games company that made him a millionaire. Soon, Dylan operated in nine countries and ran his own TV channel. Then at the age of 25, Dylan sold his company for multi-million British pounds. He became the ninth richest person in the Great Britain under the age of 30.

But one night, while lying in bed, he was distressed by a nagging question that wouldn’t let him sleep.

“God, why am I rich?”

He asked if there was a reason for his immense wealth. Ironically, he also felt terribly empty inside. This, despite his ability to have any kind of pleasure he wanted. He had just bought himself a brand-new Ferrari and took one holiday after another. But he was discovering that pleasure was like fire… it constantly needed more fuel to keep it going. And he realized he would never be happy in the path he was taking.

One day, a Filipina friend visited him. She said she felt guilty going there because her plane fare could have built two homes for the poor. That made Dylan pause. How can you build two houses for that measly amount? He decided to investigate.

In January 2003, he visited the Philippines. And for three hours, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Director Tony Meloto brought Dylan to different GK villages for the poor. With his own eyes, he saw something that would change his life forever…

Bo: What did you see on that day?

Dylan: I saw hope. More than newly built houses, I saw transformed lives. We were entering rather dangerous slums, breeding ground for thieves and kidnappers… yet in the middle of that was an oasis… the Gawad Kalinga village. I saw people smiling, men working, children laughing… I’ve seen many other projects in South East Asia and across the world. And I’ve never seen anything like GK. This was different. This really worked!

Bo: So what did you do after your trip?

Dylan: I went back to England. I saw my BMW parked in the garage and realized I could build 80 homes with it… and affect the lives of 600 people. I saw the faces of the children I could help. I called up Tony Meloto and told him I was thinking of donating $100,000 to Gawad Kalinga and asked him if that was okay…

Bo: What did Tony say?

Dylan: He said, “No, I don’t want your money.”

Bo: Only Tony can say something like that. (Laughs.)

Dylan: He said if I was really serious in working for the poor, I should go back to the Philippines. So two months later, I sold my BMW and flew back to Manila. And in June of that year, I made a decision to stay in the Philippines and work for GK for seven more years.

Bo: Wow.

Dylan: I’ve decided to invest in the poor of the Philippines. Not in stocks or bonds. If I can help in uplifting the poor of this country, I can say that I spent my life well.

Bo: I presume your family wasn’t too crazy about that decision.

Dylan: No! They thought I was brainwashed by a religious cult! (Laughs.) So my mother came and spied on me. But she was soon convinced of the beautiful work we were doing and went back home and told my sister about it. And my sister said, “Oh no, they brainwashed you too!” (Laughs.) But today, all of them support what I do.

Bo: You’ve made a decision to give up your wealth for the Filipino poor.

Dylan: I don’t see it as a sacrifice. When you give charity out of pity, you feel pain parting with your money. But when you give charity because you love, you don’t feel that pain. You only feel the joy of giving to someone you love. That’s what I feel.

Bo: I heard you built an entire village for GK in Bulacan.

Dylan: I don’t see it as my village. I just provided the materials. Architects, engineers, volunteers gave their labor. Together, we built 63 houses for the poor.

Bo: Amazing. What else do you do?

Dylan: I go around the world telling everyone that Filipinos are heroic. Because I work with them every day… the volunteers of GK.

Bo: What do you see in the Filipino that we take for granted?

Dylan: You’re hardworking. You’re always laughing, always eating, always singing. Even in your problems. You’re loyal. And honest. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally, that’s been my experience. And you have the bayanihan spirit. The pyramids of Egypt are beautiful but they were built by slavery. GK villages are more beautiful because they’re made through the bayanihan spirit of the Filipino. It’s especially this bayanihan and love of family and community that makes the Filipino more valuable than gold. If you take a golden nugget and kick it on the floor for 400 years, afterwards you won’t be able to see much gold, just mud. This was what happened to the Filipino… for 400 years you were slaves and then you suffered under dictatorship and corruption. This is where the crab mentality came from; I don’t think it’s a natural Filipino quality because every day I see the gold under the surface of ordinary Filipinos. If we wipe away the mud by bringing hope and being brothers to one another in bayanihan, the gold will shine through and the world will see it.

Bo: Let me get personal here. I hear that you don’t only love the Filipinos, but you’ve fallen for a particular Filipina.

Dylan: (Smiles.) Two months ago, I married Anna Meloto, the eldest daughter of Tony Meloto. She grew up with the GK work, so we’re totally one in our mission. And yes, I’ll be having Filipino children. The best way I can secure a future for my kids is to continue to help raise this country from poverty. Instead of building high walls in an exclusive subdivision to protect us from thieves and kidnappers, I will go to the breeding ground of thieves and kidnappers and help transform their lives.

Bo: Thank you for this interview. You don’t know how much you inspired me.

Dylan: Thank you for being our partner in GK. I read KERYGMA every month and I’m happy to see GK stories in every issue.

Bo: It’s our immense privilege to tell the world about it and ask others to join the miracle.

Dylan: To me, GK isn’t just Gawad Kalinga. It is a part of “God’s Kingdom” in this world. Thank you.


11-25-2005, 01:15 AM

Maruchan tanong ko lang sana kung meron parking sa Meguro church. Tumawag kasi yong friend ko, tinatanong ako kung me parking dahil magku-kuruma yata sila papunta dyan eh di pa ako nakakapunta sa Meguro church kaya di ko alam. Yoroshiku ne. Thank you in advance.

Nearane, yes, meron parking space but tell your friend to come really early kasi baka maubusan siya ng parking space.

Okay, see you na lang this Saturday. :slight_smile:


11-25-2005, 11:23 AM



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