Anyone interested in investing in Foreign Exchange Market


05-31-2005, 11:27 AM

Hi everyone, I work for Toyo International Forex, Inc. a Foreign Exchange Trading Company as a Business Analyst. I am looking for anyone interested in investing. Mas malaki ang magiging tubo ng inyong pera sa ganitong investment. Sa forex market ang pera nyo ang magtatrabaho para sa inyo. Kung gusto ninyo ng karagdagan na information punta kayo sa ( at kung interesado kayo email ninyo ako sa jisinocencio@yahoo.c om. or kung gusto ninyo maaari ko kayong tawagan kung may karagdagan kayong tanong.


07-18-2005, 04:49 PM

Hi. Interesado ako sa forex trading. however, limited knowledge lang ako regarding forex. could you further explain to me the procedures or mechanics of foreign trading… my email address is



09-03-2005, 05:56 PM

tanong ko lang po kung may opening ba kayo sa toyofx na part-time job. para sana ma-train ako sa forex investing habang nag-aaral pa. ty


09-03-2005, 11:26 PM

for toyofx job openings. please check their website _content&task=view&id=30&cat=aboutus


09-06-2005, 05:04 PM

check ko yung site mo tapos pag aaralan ko … interesado rin ako…


10-09-2005, 01:53 AM

matagal ko nasa ang ad na 'to from pinoy gazette cguro 'yon if my memory did not fail me. but I never tried it before. thanks for rekindling my interest. kitakits tayo after I’ll scan their website.


11-14-2005, 09:05 AM

yes,Bro. Inocencio…interesa do ako dto…pero wla ako alam pano mag laro sa foriegn stocks…puede mo ba ako matulungan.


06-17-2006, 10:55 PM

Hello Harry1806! speaking of pinoy gazette dun sa last post mo, baka naman pwedeng malaman kasi pinapatanong lang ng sister ko kung pano daw ba mag subscribe dyan para makapagbasa ng mga bali balita tungkol sa mga Pilipino sa Japan? magkano daw po ba bayad pag nag subscribe sa pinoy gazette? Thanks in advance!


06-17-2006, 11:59 PM

Hello Harry1806! speaking of pinoy gazette dun sa last post mo, baka naman pwedeng malaman kasi pinapatanong lang ng sister ko kung pano daw ba mag subscribe dyan para makapagbasa ng mga bali balita tungkol sa mga Pilipino sa Japan? magkano daw po ba bayad pag nag subscribe sa pinoy gazette? Thanks in advance!

di po ako taga pinoy gazette, pero eto po yung details nila:

6months (12issues) is 2,000yen
1year (24 issues) is 3,800yen

kelangan mo munang bayaran thru bank transfer or post office.
For subscription call: 03-5877-1703 or 03-3545-7308

Hope it helps.


06-18-2006, 10:12 PM

hello po!

magtatanong lang po. who does the decision making regarding trading currencies in toyofx, is it the trader or the investor? does your company still authorised by the FSA to conduct business, or is it like most run of the mill fx companies lurking in greater tokyo waiting for gullible helpless and clueless salariman to put his lifetime savings into infinity?


06-19-2006, 11:14 AM

Hi, jisinocencio San

Good day

Can I join? actually last yr I wanted to buy share of stock but my problem I don’t have any knowledge rdng this matter…Can u explain how to invest & how my money well be safe…How can u guaranty for us that is a good investment…yes I know more business company & ordinary person as well have money can buy for this kind of trading currencies invesment…Im very interest pls kindly explain…if u convince me maybe we can buy thru u…are u a License broker? Sorry I want to make it sure…Thank you…ur kind reply much appreciated…


06-19-2006, 02:22 PM

Hi, jisinocencio San

I’m interested too…:slight_smile:
pls send me information regarding this matter…
email add: karen_kyan_syd@yahoo .com


06-19-2006, 04:08 PM

Im interested too please pm me the details.thanks


06-19-2006, 04:09 PM

hi, jisinocencio San

Good PM

Sorry just now I remember this is my email: pls kindly send the details I’m so very interested…

Thank you…Bst rgds


06-19-2006, 08:08 PM

ei bebs magkaiba ang foreign currency exchange(forex) at stock exchange.

if you want to invest in the stock market please contact a licensed stock brokerage/trading firm, and if you want to buy or sell currency(i.e. yen with us dollar), contact mr inocencio.
i guess the minimum investment block for currency trading is around 5000-10000 us dollars/transaction(trading day); and around 25,000 usdollars for stock trading.

if you would like to invest in the stock market, please consider whether it is for long term or short term(day to day) investment; so that you can have a rather clear view if how much are you willing to risk on any given shares.

both are high risks investments; meaning you are not sure if at any given trading day you will end up gaining a sizable windfall or loss, whatever the trend is.

there are low risk investment where you could put your money into like mutual funds, treasury bills, bonds which your money with interest(around 5-12%per annum for a 5-10year term)

considering the volatility of the present market the fixed income derivatives would be an acceptable investment instrument.

i hope this could help you all in deciding where to put your surplus cash or your life long investments!



06-19-2006, 09:25 PM

Hi, Brain Free San

Good evening to u

Thank you for re-fly …well I make mistakes…anyway I already tried the Mutual funds, Treasury Bills & etc…nalugi nga ko dahil at the time I buy a treasury bills in peso so I have in Yen…after few month the exchange rate quit to high for peso to yen…so I computed about how much the share I buy en then convert to Peso…for this cased I have a big loss at the time…so malaki ang sisi ko kaya may pobya na ko regarding exchange rate…en then I tried to time deposit in Dollar but after the maturity date I tried to full out en then sabi nila If I withdraw we charges percentage fm principal amount…How their… so lugi naman ko for this cased…instead I earned ako pa nagbayad sa kanila…kaya wala na lang kong ginagawa sa cash the only thing is to keep (Japanese Bank w/o interest) so natutulog lang po…gusto ko lang kc makesecure for the future… ano ba magandang investment? that why I want to try the stock market but before that I want to know first all the details…if ever…mahirap na…anyway salamat po sa yong explanation…I got your point…medyo lang kc nag rumble sa mind ko yong currencies investment, stock market, etc. sorry for that…So don’t worry I keep on searching for best investment…thank you very much…


07-04-2006, 01:43 AM

Hi Bebs,

Its better to buy a Blue Chips if you want an Stock Exchange Investment and you must have a Diversified Investment Portfolio, I mean don’t invest in one commodity and/or company in order to balance and optimized your profit. Why not try Private Investment Program or Private Placement Opportunity, buying a stock to a certain reputable/stable company or private company with a very good portfolio that is not yet listed in Stock Exchange and if you will invest a substantial amount there is possibility that you can even get a Board of Directors Position.You can buy either a Common Share or Preferred Share. ImStock Exchange if you dont have a broad knowledge the chance of getting successful is very slim, unless you can get a very good and honest trader.


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