Art of modern Japanese posters

Naaliw ako sa design ng maraming Japanese posters at marami sa mga posters na ito ay may A4-sized na pamphlet na makikita sa mga community center, city hall, museum at kung ano-ano pang lugar.

Marami beses kumukuha ako ng mga pamphlet na gusto ko ang design pero karamihan sa mga ito ay natatago lang, napupunta kung saan-saan o kaya ay kalaunan natatapon lang.

Kaya dito ko ipo-post ang mga ito para madali kong makita kung kailangan.

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (高エネルギー加速器研究機構) 2022 Open House

Do not ever take nude pictures of yourself!

A poster aimed at young people of Ibaraki Prefecture. It says “Do no take, send, request nude photos!” and specifies a penalty of up to 300,000 yen for anyone asking nude photos from minors (it doesn’t matter if the photos were sent or not).

Toshio Iwai: 100-storey House and Media Art World

Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki

Picture book artist Toshio Iwai is popular for his groundbreaking “100 Kaidate no Ie” series of vertically-opening picture books. Iwai has been looking at the relationship between humans and technology in pursuit of surprise and delight for the viewers of his works.

At first glance, they appear to be different personalities, but what is the source of the creativity of Iwai Toshio? The exhibition will present a wide variety of works, including original picture book drawings, media art, and handmade toys, and will reveal the trajectory of Iwai’s creativity from his childhood.

歩いて発見 谷田部街道めぐり

Tsukuba Lantern Art 2022 つくばセンター地区ランタンアート2022

Yayoi Kusama’s Self-Obliteration/Psychedelic World, April 29 - September 18, 2023


Craft Gathering, Craft Hills Kasama

クラフト・キャザリング 笠間工芸の丘前広場

四日市 360° LIFE 産業、自然、文化、そして人。

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

go go kumamoto!