CEATEC 2008: Miscellaneous photos

Here are some more photos from the recently popular CEATEC Japan.

Possibly the cutest girl in CEATEC, showing cool stuff from Panasonic.

The giant model RX-78-2 Gundam, front and back. From the Niigata booth, of all places.

Of course, when Gundam is near, the Zaku has to be around.

Robots from Business Design Laboratories, the Mechadroid Type C3 (top) and ifbot (bottom).

C3 is a receptionist robot which communicates with visitors with the use of speech, touch panel display and facial and voice recognition technology; while the ifbot is described as “extremely expressive communication robot.”

iRobi, a nice little robot from Korea, in dance mode.

みんなのシアターWii. Everyone’s Theater Wii from Fujisoft makes your Will the center of you home theater. More on this service here.

The Google Search Appliance, where the whole Internet is stored, including all your searches of famous women plus the word nude.

Impressive booths: Molex and Blue-Ray

Fairly ordinary-looking lockers with this warning:

The following items are not allowed to be put inside the lockers: Cash, valuables, dangerous objects, animals (chihuahuas I presume)… and (it gets weird)… bodies of dead people.

I don’t know about you but wouldn’t go all the way to Makuhari with a corpse inside my bag, dump it into a locker and go visit the robots in exhibition booths. There might be some people who do this, but I don’t think warnings like this are much use to them.