Filipino with Japanese Ancestor


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hi guys do you think its possible for my friend to get a japanese visa since his late grandparents are japanese, what do you call a filipino with japanese blood…and what can i do to get a a japanese citizenship thanks …neeh help…everyone :smiley:


04-02-2005, 08:38 PM

hi guys do you think its possible for my friend to get a japanese visa since his late grandparents are japanese, what do you call a filipino with japanese blood
nikkeijins can come to japan fairly easily, i think. your friend can contact the association of nikkeijins in manila and get detailed information.

and what can i do to get a a japanese citizenship thanks …neeh help…everyone :smiley:
now, that’s very hard. i’ve been in japan for a long time, but i only know one filipino who acquired japanese citizenship. japan is not like the u.s. (or canada or australia) when it comes to immigration. if you have no japanese blood whatsoever and doesn’t speak nihongo like a japanese and not employed in a respectable japanese company in japan, your chances are practically nil.


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04-03-2005, 01:56 AM

any idea if there is any nikkeijins association or what so ever down here in manila…thnx


04-04-2005, 11:10 AM

found this:

(Manila Nikkeijin Kai)
2315 Aurora Bldg.,Tramo St.,
Pasay City


any idea if there is any nikkeijins association or what so ever down here in manila…thnx


04-04-2005, 09:40 PM

do you think its possible for my friend to get a japanese visa since his late grandparents are japanese

Hmmmm… medyo mahirap 'to. :frowning:

First, your friend has to be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that his grandparents are Japanese - meaning to say, kumpleto ang papeles. Di pwede yung mga barrio folks ang magtetestigo na “Hapon DAW ang lolo niya”. Second, there must be living relatives in Japan willing to recognize and sponsor your friend. (Without this sponsorship requirement, you will have the entire nikkeijin population in Brazil and China knocking on the Japanese embassies’ doors demanding for citizenship.) Third, you must prove yourself “fully willing and deserving” to be a good Japanese by “totally” embracing its culture. In short, pag hindi siya fluent mag-Nihongo (including writing!) :japanese: , o nakakaupo sa tatami ng tatlong oras na hindi namamatay ang paa :bowdown: , o kumakain ng pinabulok na beans (natto) at malansang pusit (shiokara) :eek:, hindi siya lulusot sa screening.

And, the very minute na ma-sense nila na ang main objective ng applicant ay tumakas sa hirap ng kanyang bansa (in short, economic refugee), baybay tinapay at doon din ay tapos na ang usapan… :nono:


07-09-2005, 09:45 AM


Ang dami na ritong nakapunta na Nikkeijins,

altho meron din daw peke?:confused:



06-23-2006, 02:30 PM

Eh ako po kaya may lahing hapon?
Ang lola po ng father ko eh japanese…kaso si papa ngayon walang record sa NSO kase nasa 64 na po siya. Hinahanap pa daw yung record (kung meron pa nga ba).

Hindi ako nag eexpect ng kung ano pero napansin ko lang ha. Kamukha ko pala si Ueto Aya:D nung medyo payat pa ako. Tsaka bakit yung binti ko katulad sa mga nihonjin tapos me pagkasakang. Related din ba yung pagkakomang ko?:biglaugh:

Let’s get serious…3 years na akong hindi nakakatikim ng philippine ryouri. Pag binilhan ako ni dadi sa Phil. resto, natatapon lang kasi mas natatakam ako sa Japanese ryouri. I would love to watch nihon movies kesa sa mga tfc, kaya nga wala na akong alam tungkol sa pinas. Nag iinarte ba ako o lahing hapon na rin?

Hindi na ako naghahabol ng citizenship…mendou kusai lang yan.
Basta feel ko mamuhay dito sa Japan, alam ko pilipino pa rin ako.
Hindi lang mabura sa isip ko na nahaluan pala ako ng lahing hapon:D


06-24-2006, 08:12 PM

hello po!

i am a nikkei jin and have been living here in japan for the past three years, so as with most adult members of our family. some have already acquired permanent residency and others just like me are holding long term residence visa. i guess it is easy for the friend of mike fc to acquire the same status if they can trace the roots of his/her grandparents, meaning they can locate the place of origin of their old folks so that they can include their family in the family registry(koseki tohon), after that there are lots of organization and even private companies that can sponsor them and provide the guarantee letter and certificate of employment needed by the embassy to facilitate the issuance of visa. i am a fourth generation nikkei-jin and technically i am not qualified to become a visa holder, but since my lola was already registered in the koseki so i moved a step higher to become a third gen or sansei; thereby, facilitating the approval. the downside is that mostof these orgs/companies are providing only unskilled factory works; so if you know how to honor contracts you will have to stay with them for at less a year and be contended for lesser pay or if luck is not on your side dang mate! unfavorable working condition. the upside is that you have a long term residence visa, so you can practically do whatever you want to do(work, study, travel and even bum around) without any restrictions as long as it is bounded by the law. me and my siblings made tyaga working in squalid conditions for a few months until we found better jobs(at least than the first one:) :slight_smile: ), and before we came our CFO officers even told us that most of the jobs being offered are only factory works(mostly true); but man, once you come here, dami opening as long as you have the proper skills(my sis in an investment bank in tokyo as an IT analyst but she had to work first in a factory because they guaranteed her coming here).

konting tyaga lang!

and about citizenship, may bago provision for nikkei-jins in acquiring one providing they satisified the provisions in it. sori di ko alam kung ano po yun. i know some of them who already did.

anyway if you can come here, come and get a share of first world, baby!

good luck!:slight_smile:


07-13-2007, 03:46 PM

Hello po… I’m just new here!

I am half japanese half filipino, Father ko japanese, mom ko filipino but they were not married that’s why I am using my mothers maiden name at middle name ko lang yung sa father ko.
Now they both already have their own family’s back in Japan.

I’m already 24! Pwede pa po ba ako matulungan nung foundation mentioned above na makapunta sa japan? Possible po ba makapunta at mabigyan ng Visa papunta sa japan?

Open pa po ba yung Foundation na yan sa Pasay?

Sana po matulungan naman ninyo ako:(


08-16-2007, 05:23 PM

Hi there!

I am a Filipino with Japanese ancestry too, and i do have contact with Filipino-Japanese Associations in the Philippines. You better contact the office of the Federation of Filipino-Japanese Descendants of the Philippines. Their office is in A. Mabini St. Malate, Manila, you can contact their office at (02) 525-1081.

You are actually considered a SHIN-NIKKEIJIN, children who were born after the war with filipina mothers and japanese fathers. I’m considered as a KYU-NIKKEIJIN, who are japanese descendants born before the World War.

Generally, the Federation will be helping you locate your Japanese roots and give you the opportunity to live and work in Japan. You just have to submit some requirements, like your birth certificates and all…

I hope this can help you. Let me know if you need any other details on this matter, be glad to help. :slight_smile:

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