Guidelines regarding the use of the Commercial Section


08-31-2004, 05:26 AM

Why we have a commercial section

Because we don’t want people posting their advertisement in the regular forums. They can do that in the commercial section.

Free or fee?

Postings are free of charge.

Restrictions of use of the commercial forum

Please note the following:

a. Products and services should have a direct connection to the needs of the Filipino community. Therefore, advertisement for software, for example, is not permitted, while advertisement for phone cards is okay.

b. Posters are restricted to 1 posting per week for the same products or services. This is to prevent the abuse of the forum.

c. Only 1 image attachment is permitted.

d. In the interest of our users, we reserve the right to delete any advertisement in the forum without notice.

A note to the users of Timog Forum

Because this is an open message board where anyone can post, we strongly advise users to exercise their discretion when responding to the advertisements in the commercial section. We hold no resposibility for any transaction between users and advertisers.



This is an archived page from the former Timog Forum website.