Hina: nifty little humanoid robot makes coffee

One of the most popular videos in Nico Nico Douga, Japan’s video-sharing community, is this nifty little robot that makes coffee: preparing the cups and dripper, grinding the beans, filtering the coffee and pouring the finished product into a cup.

Hina, a little humanoid robot, is the creation of mujaki (Blog), and is based on Kondo’s KHR-2HV, with modified parts around the joints and especially the head. mujaki says it took 3 months to complete the mods to make the robot more human-like.

Below is the newly uploaded Youtube video.

“Hina-chan, no sugar please, oh, and a little bit of milk…”


Although its gait seems rough, its movements when grinding the coffee and pouring water is especially human-like, like something a little girl would do.

A nice addition at the end is the clip where Hina spilled the coffee on the table and made a mess. ^_^;;

“Hina” means a young chick in Japanese. mujaki himself has written on his blog:


  1. A newly hatched chick
  2. A young girl’s little doll
  3. A word that suggests “small” and “pretty”
  4. Our black-and-white kitten

By the way, “Hina” is not the robot’s name; it’s the model or series name. I don’t have a name yet for the robot.

Specifications of little Hina, the robot:

Height: 36 centimeters
Weight: 1.1 kilograms
Freedom of movement: legs 6x2, arms 4x2, neck 1, total=21
Servo: KRS-788HV×20、GWS-PICO-STD×1 (neck only)
Power: 12v hobby robot battery, wired power
Control board: RCB-3J
Posture control: gyro x2, acceleration sensor

{via IT Media}

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