iPhone meets Denso robotic arm, coolness ensues

Japanese iPhone user ozma2x connects his cellphone to the very fast Denso robotic arm he uses at work. Will they play nice?

It turned out that not only did they talk; ozma2x also was able to control and monitor the robot in real time with the iPhone using Wi-Fi.

It’s pretty impressive that a standard cellphone that one can buy at the nearest K’s Denki has the necessary functions to control an industrial robotic arm. And that Denso machine is not bad either, performing everything it’s told fast and without fail.

iPhone and Denso robotic arm play nice

From ozma2x:

The other day, I bought an iPhone. I was amazed at its high performance. So I tried to connect it to a robot I use in my job.

This is a “6-axis VS robot”. Very fast.

An ethernet port is standard, so I can easily connect it via Wi-Fi. Maybe I can use it for the iPhone. According to the robot manual, the robot can be controlled via TCP/IP. Transmitting and receiving packet through b-CAP seems to be enough.

Let’s just start with a compile of a sample program made by the manufacturer.

Compile has succeeded. And let’s check the connection on the iPhone. The connection succeeded.

I made a remote monitor by 3D display function of the iPhone. Send the b-CAP packet for the robot, then…

You can monitor the robot in real time. You can also control the 3D display with multi-touch. Within the range of Wi-Fi you can monitor the robot everywhere.