Is it worth it to go to Japan as SSW?

Japan residents, is it still worth the effort to go to Japan? Considering that sobrang baba ng yen? I have passed N4 and the Prometric exam for automotive repair and maintenance, nagpaplano sana akong magJapan pero nagdadalawang isip dahil sa baba ng yen.

Anong experience ng mga OFW dyan? Thanks for answering.

Is it worth it to go to Japan?


the weak yen sucks esp if you’re going to send money home

besides that…

you should only come to japan if you’re really interested in japanese culture and language. or you’re desperate. otherwise, punta ka na lang sa australia o europe

Is it worth it? It all depends on your situation, expectations and perspective.

There are now around 21,000 Filipinos in Japan with SSW visa and around 36,000 technical intern trainees. We can probably guess that for these 57,000 Filipinos, working in Japan as an SSW o trainee is worth it.

You now have N4. If you’re serious about studying Japanese then N2 is easy to get, which will enable you to get the SSW2 visa, which will enable you to apply for a permanent residence.

Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question.