'Japan’s scariest toilet paper' debuts

If you’re a horror fan or just the type of person whose toilet literature consists nothing but travel books about Japan and some manga, you might appreciate the entertainment value of what has been dubbed “Japan’s scariest toilet paper”, probably the world’s first horror novella in the form of disposable bathroom wipes.

Koji Suzuki’s bone-chilling, toilet-readable horror novel Drop

Drop horror toilet paper

The unusual toilet paper is a collaboration between Koji Suzuki, author of such horror novels-turned-movies as Ring, Spiral and Dark Water, and Hayashi Paper, based in Fuji, Shizuoka, who commissioned Suzuki to write a bathroom-themed horror story.

The toilet paper roll is printed with Suzuki’s new work called Drop, a nine-chapter horror novella set in a public restroom that the company promises will give readers a “psychological fright” while moving their bowels.

Fast readers might well find themselves using a whole roll in one sitting.

Rolls of horror-filled toilet paper printed in blue

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