08-21-2005, 01:22 PM

thanx for the mornin’ txt …it was nice to wake up w/ ur message on my cp>>>mikko sweety :kiss: haha…ill send u PM later ok? :stuck_out_tongue: minnasan ogenki desu ka?natsu yasumi tanoshindemasuka??we ll…its getting hotter & hotter here in tokyo so take care everyone & dont forget to apply sunblock before going outside ok?:grouphug: …just a piece of advice;) have a nice day…PEACE>>>>>TF FRIENDS:D


08-23-2005, 11:20 AM

hey Kathy mahh dear,
whoah! OMG whuts this? im surprise! im not become aware of having a new message
from you in forum (buti na lang sinabi sa akin ni standfordmed, thanks mimi mah loves!)
ohhh my deary, just wanna reiterate what I told you while ago that personal messages like these are not apt to be posted in public! okies? please understand and please be aware of that somebody out there might read this and act in response to your message hahaha… don’t worry bebe i will try to open a room exclusive for yahh someday.
Im so thankful for all the sweet messages you’ve been sending me and also the effort of calling me during morning , noon & night, ur a bona fide real hopeless romanticist one hot mama! LOL
Until then “please use reply via PM” :slight_smile: kisses

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