La Machine: Ginormous mechanical spiders to wreck havoc on Tokyo and Yokohama

As if giant reptiles and radioactive moths are not enough, Gundam has to take care of another menace that has invaded the shores of metropolitan Tokyo.

As preparations for the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port get underway, French technicians have been surreptitiously assembling the appendages of [The Spider], two which will be unleashed on unsuspecting revelers during the main event of the show on April 28 in the Bayside Area.

Authorities believe that the giant mechanical arachnids came to Tokyo in bit and pieces, loaded on ships that evaded the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The machines are pets of the French art performance group La Machine, notorious in Europe for terrorizing urban denizens using giant mechanical beasts.

When finished The Spiders will stand 12 meters in height and will weigh a staggering 37 tons each.

Unfortunately for Tokyo and Yokohama residents, the Giant Gundam that they hope will defend them from monster attacks won’t be completed until four months later in August, by which time The Spiders will have left the metropolis in ruins.

Below is a video footage of The Spider stomping on civilians on the streets of Liverpool, UK:

{Link: Yomiuri}