Migrating to the Mac: desktop and mouse

The Mighty Mouse that came with the iMac sucks so it was promptly replaced by the black and gray standard Dell mouse which worked flawlessly. I’ll have to try the Mighty Mouse someday when I’m not too busy at work on the computer.

The Dock is a joy to use (or just watch) and the tray icons well-designed. On the Desktop, pressing F10 tiles the windows, letting you choose which one you’d like to display in front. Press F11 and they are all tucked away, revealing only the Desktop. Finally, pressing F12 (on clicking on the wheel of the mouse) brings on the Dashboard with its many widgets (mini-apps for a specific task). You can choose from a number of default widgets to display.

On my Desktop, I have the Dictionary, Translation, Weather, Clock, Date, Stickies and Calculator. These are very convenient programs. To access the calculator on my Windows PC, for example, I have to navigate through the succession of folders on the Start menu. On the Mac, a press of a key will do this instantly.