My best friend

St. Gismo
10-16-2005, 01:19 AM
(St. Gismo-February 5, 2005)

I couldn’t remember anymore the time when I started to realize that you were there as my best friend. All I can recall is that you have been by my side from the very moment I started to comprehend the true meaning of what life really is.

At first, I didn’t pay any attention on the friendship you were offering to me. Days, weeks, months and years went by, I was still unmindful of the attention you were giving me but you never change. You were still there for me all the time. Not even once did you ever abandon me especially during those times when I needed a friend most. You shared my ups and downs. You were always there with a helping hand.

Through the years, I still didn’t give much importance to what you were doing for me. I hardly noticed you. Until one day you approached me with a heavy heart. I knew you had a problem. I wasn’t much of a help then but I tried to give the best I could offer. I listened to your miseries and offered a shoulder to cry on.

Yes, that was all I could give you. And as I looked back, I realized how much you have given to me. You were not just there to listen to my problems, you were also there to guide me, to tell me what could have been best for me and you were always there when I was lonely.

I remember the day when I told you the news that I’d getting married. I saw how your face lit up with joy for me and yet in your eyes I saw the twinge of sadness. You were sad because you thought that I would leave you. I knew how you felt that day and yet you supported my decision all throughout. You even treated my wife kindly and regarded her like a dear friend.

And then that day came when I really had to leave you. I left, not because I want to, but only because I have to. It is for my family and you knew that I did it also for you. And like the best friend you are, you never get in the way and once again supported me all way.

I was so far away from you then, but you have always been on my mind. I knew in my heart that whatever blessings come my way, part of it will always be for you. Maybe you will never know, but that is how much you mean to me.

And then that day came when it was you who had to leave me. It hurt me so… and I thought that it was so unfair of you to leave me so suddenly. I cried inside because you didn’t even give me a chance to show to you the best that is yet to come. I tried hard to stop you from leaving. I begged you to talk to me but you didn’t say a word. I asked why you have to leave me but I didn’t get an answer. I offered to you the gift I bought and the note I wrote but you returned the gift back to me and went away with my note. I knew how you love children so I brought my kids for you to see but you didn’t even give them a chance to say hello or even to kiss you goodbye.

I missed the day you went away. I could have been there to hug you tight and to say adieu but I’d rather not. I let myself believe that you are still there waiting for me… for I know that one day we will meet again. I knew in my heart that even how far apart we are, you are still there for me and that I am always in your prayers.

It has been several years now since you left and I have not heard from you since then. No matter how far or how long we’ve been apart, there is one thing I know for sure…you will always and forever be my very BEST FRIEND!

I didn’t have the chance to embrace you and to tell you how much you really mean to me, so let me now say the words that I should have told you long ago… I LOVE YOU MOM!

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