Osampo osampo

Today is cold and sunny, perfect for walking outside in the early morning. I had to wear a beanie with the jacket hood over my head and a mask to keep the cold air out of my face, but once we got walking everything was well and good.

Doho Park’s leafless ginkgo trees, ready for winter.

Doho Park (洞峰公園) no entry sign

Nishida: detail of mural in Doho Park’s main building.

Continuing our weekend walking around Doho Park.

On the overpass overlooking the walk lane along Nishi Odori (西大通り).

A government housing complex in front of Doho Park ( Ibaraki Prefecture-managed Onozaki Apartment 茨城県営小野崎アパート). One good thing about Japan is that housing is very affordable.

Store sign along Dohokoen-dori ( 鳥定つくば店).