Recommendations for sending documents from JP to PH

Hello po, first time poster here. Meron po bang recommended delivery service for sending papers from JP to PH? Is JP Post EMS reliable or should I use other services?

Hello and welcome to Timog!

I regularly send important documents (contracts) to the Philippines and always use EMS. So far it hasn’t failed me once, and the parcel usually gets there within a week.

However, I notice that our clients in the Philippines always use DHL when sending their documents to our office in Japan, never EMS. Baka mas reliable ang DHL? It should be, because it’s more expensive.

Incidentally, are you by any chance a fan of alternative J-rock? :smile:

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EMS is very convenient because you can drop it off the nearest post office. Of course, DHL is maybe more secure pero kailangan mo pa silang tawagan sa phone.

Thank you for the comments! Just wanted to ask kasi sabi ng nanay ko pa DHL ko daw para sure pero never ko pa na try.

Will probably go with EMS for the convenience.

And yes, I’m a bit of a fan! I just listen to whatever YouTube throws at me tbh

If irreplaceable document, might be better to go with DHL. Pero kung madali namang palitan (like our contracts) maybe EMS is enough.

Another YouTube music fan, I see, gaya ni @andres :smiley: