SSW, no OEC, will travel to Taiwan, okay lang?

May nagtatanong sa akin, isang Specified Skilled Worker, walang OEC, gustong mag-travel to Taiwan, okay lang daw ba?

Sabi ko walang problema, hindi naman tsetsekin ng Taiwan immigration ang OEC, basta valid ang status of resident sa Japan makakabalik dito.

Second opinions?


That is correct. You just need your passport valid for 6 months, residence card and cash enough for the stay in the country.

Also, until July 31, Taiwan is visa-free for Filipinos.

Visa-free entry for Philippine passport holders is allowed for up to 14 days, provided that they have the following before traveling to Taiwan:

  • proof of accommodations
  • contact details of host or sponsor
  • sufficient travel funds

Check this too: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)-Visa-Exempt Entry

Additional questions:

Sa proof of accomodation po e hotel name po?
Yung host or sponsor po ba e yung taong pupuntahan sa ibang bansa? Mas ok po ba na manghingi ng invitation letter ng kakilala sa taiwan?
Tapos po sa sufficient travel funds po ba pwedeng cash? Or kailangan po ng bank statements? Or di na po kailangan?

  • Proof of accomodation (hotel reservation, or letter from host (friend, relative, spouse kung saan titira) with name, address and contact number)

  • Contact details of host/sponsor (as above)

  • Sufficient travel funds (show cash, credit card, etc. enough for the whole trip; bank statement might be useful but usually not necessary)

Better have printed copies of documents in case something goes wrong with your phone.