Suggestion: please stop saying 'po'

Just a suggestion, lalo na sa mga bata o baguhan pa lang sa Japan. Can we stop saying ‘po’? O kaya ‘sir’ o ‘mam’?

In a site like this members should treat each other as equals, at least that’s what I think it should be. In real life, siguro gagamit tayo ng “po” o “ma’am” or “ser” pero dito na usernames lang ang gamit, I think using these words create unnecessary hierarchies.

Salamat po.

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Good suggestion. Ryokai desu.

I sometimes hear people say “arigato po” and it used to rankle my ears.

I understand that people want to show respect and “salamat po” and “arigato gozaimasu” sound too formal. “Arigato po” is somehow more informal but at the same time still indicates respect to the reader.

like this? :smile:

sorrymasen! :sweat_smile:

Yes, po, ma’m Rika.

♪ぽっ ぽっ ぽ〜はとぽっぽ〜 :notes:

Using terms like Po, Sir or Mam can inadvertently create unnecessary hierarchy when we are all communicating via usernames. I agree with you it is important to foster a sense of equality and mutual respect in our community.