Tokyo: even the rest rooms are claustrophobic

A while ago we featured twenty of the narrowest houses and buildings in Japan which drew a lot of responses from people who are probably used to living in mansions with wide open views.

Incidentally, a “mansion” in Japan is usually a cramped communal housing complex, not the grand dwelling that it is known in the West. And if you’ve tried riding those crazy trains where passengers are pushed inside by station staff, you know that Japan is not for the claustrophobic.

Possibly the most claustrophobic restroom on the planet

Here is the hallway to the toilet of a pub in Japan. The reasoning probably goes: if you’re drunk enough, you will forget your dread of narrow spaces. Not quite surprisingly, that usually works with Tokyoites.



If you’ve been wondering why the Japanese (and especially Japanese women) are so slender, now you know why.

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