Unmasking the plight of female commuters


10-06-2005, 12:18 AM

Something worth reading from inq7… It’s about time we assert ourselves and put these perverts in their proper place!!!

A FEW days ago, I came home fuming mad. I had passed some construction workers on a side street on the way home from school, and they hooted and made lewd comments at me. Tired, sweaty and ever the hothead, I couldn’t resist yelling, “Sana 'wag mambastos, 'di ba?!” and shot them a withering look. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do anything else, but at the same time, I was afraid for my safety. I usually ignore people like that while commuting, but after a grueling, sweltering day, it was the last straw. Why should I hold my tongue when these creeps are allowed to wag theirs? READ FULL STORY: http://news.inq7.net/lifestyle/index.php?index=1&story_id=41066

It’s these kind of men that puts me off walking in the streets of Manila and taking public transport … Most times I’d rather be stuck in traffic for hours than take the MRT. And I can never ever go on a bus ride in Manila ever again - I’ve seen far too many traumatising things when I was in college, commuting for two years from my plcae - school. I would like to think that I am assertive and malakas ang loob, but as much as possible, I will just simply avoid those places where those pigs lurk and abound… :mad: