Want to own a residential farm resort in the Philippines?


05-17-2005, 11:48 AM

Catherine here :slight_smile: Guys, help naman. Baka naman you know
someone who might be interested in buying a residential farm resort
located in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines, please refer them to me. I am connected to the
developer of the farm resort… I’m willing to give fees/commission (good amount)
to those who can give me referrals:)
thanks a lot!
The place is really the best resthouse in the city. You may also
have it as your first home if you want:)
Please contact me through this forum if you’re interested:) thanks a lot!

So, for all those Filipinos in Japan who plan to own a very good house with a peaceful community in the Philippines. this is the best place for you:)

Some important facts about La Finca Farm Resort in Lipa:

Amenities: health spa, tennis court, gym (imported equipment),
jacuzzi, infinity and sports swimming pool plus kiddie pool, fish
pond. All surrounded by lawns and water gardens that guarantee
freshness and reflections of the surrounding panoramas.

The place is 95% developed and is being offered at very reasonable

Here, you can have your very own personal farm. Grow almost anything
from a wide and rewarding array of crops, flowers or even fruit trees
in your own lot.

You can always enjoy the “open air” types of homes with an awesome
view of the Mount Malarayat Range.

We can assure you of a good community.

Located at Barangay Dagatan, Lipa City—in front of the 2nd gate of
Mt.Malarayat Golf And Country Club.


08-15-2005, 10:36 AM

oh sorry i have a busy from work that why just few a day sometime on computer …

i hope your understand that somethings …

see you later talk online thanks god bless us …

from loveteddybear1

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