Warm mouse for the cold Covid winters

Heated warm mouse from Amazon

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, workplaces everywhere in Japan are required to have enough ventilation to prevent the virus from concentrating in closed spaces. Which means much colder workplaces in the winter.

And with the winter in full swing, our office often feels frigid, with exhaust fans on, doors open and the air-conditioning system not powerful enough to cope.

The mouse I use in the office feels especially cold to the touch so after a little bit of searching around, I bought this heated mouse (暖かいマウス) from Amazon for JPY1,899. I actually kind of surprised that heated mouse is not a common PC accessory in temperate countries: mouse makers like Logitech and Microsoft, or Elecom and Buffalo in Japan don’t sell them.

So is it warm? It’s advertised as warming to 41 to 55°C and it certainly feels warm in the palm of my hand, sometimes even getting a little too hot. I expect a mouse to work for at least 3 years and only time would tell if this mouse would last that long but it should get me through this winter.

Heated warm mouse from Amazon; the mouse glows a reassuring pink and orange.