We made some Timog Forum buttons


09-18-2005, 07:36 PM

We made a couple of buttons for those of you who would like to use them in your websites and email signatures.

For example, if you use Internet Explorer to browse your Yahoo! email accounts and want to add a button to your signature, you can do the following:

  1. While browsing your inbox, click on the Mail Options on the upper right.
  2. Then click on Signature on the middle part of the resulting screen.
  3. Check the View HTML Source just below the mail editor and copy and paste any of the codes below into the mail editor.
  4. Un-check the View HTML Source to see the result.

You can use two codes: the the 1st is the normal one and the 2nd, the one with referrer link that will give you referrer points (you have to edit the 2nd code and type your user number instead of YOURUSERNUMBER).

The buttons:

http://timog.com/logofolder/timogbutton80.gif (http://www.timog.com/)

With referrer id:

http://timog.com/logofolder/timogbutton160.gif (http://www.timog.com/)

With referrer id:

http://timog.com/logofolder/timogbanner120.gif (http://www.timog.com/)

With referrer id:

http://timog.com/logofolder/timogbanner150.gif (http://www.timog.com/)

With referrer id:

This is an archived page from the former Timog Forum website.